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9. Freight-in refers to the amount paid to transfer goods or merchandise purchased from the o. Buyer to buyer

a. Buyer to the supplier

d. Supplier to supplier

b. Supplier to the buyer

10. The costs incurred through payment of utilities such as water, electricity. internet connection is considered as -

a. Costs

0. Operating expenses

b. Purchases

d. Personal Expense of the owner

11. Nathaniel sells bottled water in a nearby city bus terminal. Every day he can sell 30 pieces of bottled water at 20 pesos each. How much is Nathaniel' daily


a. P 900.00

b. P 800.00

c. P 700.00

d. P 600.00

12. The amount added to the cost of a product to determine the selling price is


a. Mark-up

b. Discount

c. Mark-down

d. Sale

13. Lina sold all ten t-shirts for 1,500.00 pesos. Suppose she added 50.00 pesos as mark-up price for every t-shirt. How much was the cost for every t-shirt sold?

a. P 80.00

b. P 90.00

c. P 100.00

d. P 110.00

14. Refers to goods and merchandise left at the end of operation or accounting


a. Merchandise inventory, beginning

b. Merchandise inventory, end

c. Freight-in

d. Freight-out

15. The Total Cost and Expenses is calculated by -

a. Adding cost and expenses

c. Adding revenue and expense

b. Subtracting expenses from costs

d. Subtracting expense from revenue

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9. Freight-in refers to the amount paid to transfer goods or merchandise purchased from the o. Buye...
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